“I highly recommend the BFYB Group facilitated by Steph Armer. My perspective and attitude toward my body have changed for the better and I must admit it took me by surprise.  Who would have thought that self-compassion would be the answer to healing my disordered eating? I knew that the numerous diet attempts weren’t working so I was willing to give this a try. The meditation practices in the group are so loving and gentle and I experienced so much compassion from Steph as she led the group and from the group members as we shared our experiences. I am treating myself better and I am finally making progress. I feel confident for the first time that I will be ok. I have recommended the BFYB group to all the women in my life because I feel so strongly that the self-compassionate approach is a game-changer!” —

“I’ve learned so much from you and our group that I will always be grateful for. Your group completely changed the course of my 2022 ❤.”

“I was skeptical about what this group could give me that other forms of help couldn’t, but after the first session, that skepticism faded. I am truly learning to appreciate and be compassionate towards my body and all the things it does for me. I’m so grateful for the space and community this group has given me. I am learning to fall in love with the person I am and growing into.”

“Working with a Steph and our group, I felt my awareness and acceptance grow throughout the 8 weeks. Steph was able to lead us into discussions that looked at how our own behaviors and thoughts could be shifted by being more aware and present in each situation. I liked that we had ‘homework’ to focus on and readings prior to each session. Steph had a very safe place for us all to share and learn from one another and to provide me with more tools to progress in the future.”